Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Will there be extra capitation for settings and from when will it be received?

Yes.  The appointment of an Inclusion Coordinator will attract a higher capitation of €2 per ECCE child.  Subject to detailed operational guidelines, the increase applies from a) graduation of the Inclusion Coordinator from the LINC programme and b) completion of a signed agreement by the Inclusion Coordinator that they will take…

Is there financial support available to participants?

The LINC programme is fully funded by the DCYA and is free to participants.  Additionally, each participating student will receive a once-off payment of €200 to assist with covering expenses arising from participation on the programme.

What is the cost?

As the course is fully funded by the DCYA, it is free to participate in. Only settings that hold a contract to deliver the ECCE programme, funded by the DCYA, are eligible to nominate a candidate.