How do I choose a centre that is geographically accessible to me?

When completing the online application form, 3 geographic locations can be selected, in order of preference. All efforts will be made to ensure candidates receive a place at a centre of their preference, but it is possible some centres will be oversubscribed. In cases where centres are oversubscribed, programme places ...

I have moved employment, can I continue with the programme?

Settings have an opportunity to withdraw their nominee until shortly before the commencement of the programme with Mary Immaculate College. Following commencement, participants may continue on the programme providing they continue to be employed by an early years setting in contract to deliver the ECCE/TEC/CCS programme, funded by the DCYA.

Can I defer my place?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to defer an offer of a place. If you are not in a position to take up a place this year, you should reject the offer (so that the place goes to another applicant on the waiting list) and you may re-apply next year, providing you are ...

Can someone employed by funding received through AIM Level 7 be nominated to LINC?

A manager may nominate any employee to complete LINC, and they will be eligible to start the programme in September once they remain an employee next year. It should be noted, however, that in order for the service to get the additional capitation after LINC, the graduate must continue to ...

Do I need Garda vetting?

Each candidate must be Garda vetted as part of their employment by the setting nominating them for this programme and the offer of a place on LINC is conditional upon this being in place. If vetting has not taken place, candidates are asked to contact us immediately if offered a place on ...

Do I need to supply details of level 5 certification?

Yes.  A scanned copy or photo of the candidate’s certificate or transcript must be submitted with the application form, which must be submitted online with the application form.  If a candidate holds a relevant qualification higher than level 5, evidence of this qualification should be included in the application.

How do I accept an offer of a place?

Settings and candidates will receive email confirmation of an offer of a place on the LINC Programme.  When a place on the programme is accepted, details on how to enrol with Mary Immaculate College (MIC) will be forwarded.  As administration of the programme is centralised at MIC, all participants will enrol with MIC: ...

How do I apply?

All applications must be completed online: www.lincprogramme.ie.  Settings must first set a password, then proceed to log in and complete the application form.  It is best to apply using a PC (desktop or laptop), smartphones and tablets are not recommended.  Please note: all mandatory fields, denoted by an *, must ...

I am working on a CE scheme in a pre-school, can I take part in LINC?

No, unfortunately you must be an employee of the pre-school to be eligible.

I have two ECCE rooms, can I nominate two staff members?

From 30 May 2019, settings can nominate a second person to undertake LINC. See the Eligibility Page for further details. Also, if your setting has multiple ECCE contracts (i.e. more than one DCYA reference number), then you can nominate a second person per DCYA number.

If a setting applied in year one or two and didn’t take a place, or were not offered a place, can they apply again?

Yes they can.

What criteria are used to select successful candidates?

The setting nominating a candidate must hold a contract to deliver the ECCE programme and must not already employ a LINC graduate or current LINC Student. The nominated candidate must hold, at minimum, a relevant level 5 major award, in order to be eligible for a place on the programme. ...

What is the deadline for applications?

The final deadline for applications 2019/2020 is Thursday, 6 June 2019 at 4pm.

What is the entry requirement?

The minimum entry requirement is a level 5 major award in early childhood care and education or related qualification.

When will I be notified if my application is successful?

We hope to make offers of places to eligible applicants in late June 2019. Further details will be emailed to individuals and their employers at that point.

Why is 2019/2020 the last year of LINC?

The LINC Programme was created by MIC / ECI / MU-Froebel as a response to a tender from the DCYA to provide a higher-education programme for Inclusion Coordinators (INCOs) for a contract period of 4 years.  LINC has been successful in reaching, so far, 63% of settings in Ireland, and ...

Who can apply?

Any early years’ setting with a pre-school room that is contracted for any DCYA Early Years Programme (ECCE/CCS/TEC) can nominate someone for LINC. The setting manager can nominate themselves or any member of the setting’s staff. To be eligible for the programme, candidates, at a minimum, must hold a level ...