Will there be extra capitation for settings and from when will it be received?

Yes. Early years settings that employ an Inclusion Coordinator (INCO) who has graduated from LINC will receive an extra €2 per week in capitation per ECCE-eligible child in a pre-school room, where the child is on an ECCE/CCSP/TEC programme. Subject to detailed operational guidelines, the increase applies from a) graduation of the Inclusion Coordinator from the LINC programme and b) completion of a signed agreement by the Inclusion Coordinator that they will take on the roles and responsibilities associated with the post. INCO Capitation (once a qualified INCO is appointed) is paid to settings for all children in their pre-school room (i.e. for all ECCE-eligible children) no matter which programme they are funded through.

If a setting employs two LINC Graduates, only one LINC Graduate can be appointed as the official INclusion COordinator for that setting. Settings with two LINC Graduates will only receive the INCO capitation payment in relation to one graduate only. For the purpose of AIM rules and compliance checks there should only be one primary INCO to whom the INCO capitation will relate, however, settings can allocate tasks and both graduates can work as a team. If the primary INCO leaves the setting, the second graduate can be immediately appointed as the INCO by completing the Notification of Changes form, ensuring there would not be any gap in additional capitation due.

What capitation payments are available from the DCEDIY for Room Leader Status?

If you are providing the ECCE scheme all ECCE room leaders must hold a minimum QQI Level 6 Major Award in Early Childhood Care and Education (or equivalent) from December 2016. This is a requirement of the ECCE contract. A higher capitation is available to Preschool Services where the Preschool Leader has achieved a major award in early childhood care and education at Level 7 on the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ) and where the assistants have achieved the minimum Level 5 Award.

See capitation payments document here.

Is there financial support available to participants?

The LINC programme is fully funded by the DCYA and is free to participants.  Additionally, each participating student will receive a once-off payment of €200 to assist with covering expenses arising from participation on the programme.

What is the cost?

As the course is fully funded by the DCYA, it is free to participate in. In addition, students receive €200 to assist in covering any costs they may incur.

The DCEDIY have recognised LINC as fulfilling the requirements for Room Leader Status. What has changed?

The programme has now been recognised as meeting the ECCE Room Leader (Standard Capitation) Status. See this link for a list of DCEDIY Early Years Recognised Qualifications.

LINC has now been recognised as having Room Leader Status what does this mean for someone who has completed LINC?

As well as taking up the role of INclusion COordinator you also meet the requirements for Room Leader status.

When will this bursary/grant be paid?

No decision has yet been made on when the payment will be made to the student, but it will be after the programme has commenced.