Is LINC+ accredited?

No. Participants will be able to download a certificate at the end of each completed package but these will not count towards a qualification on the National Framework of Qualifications.


Will I need to complete an assignment for the LINC+ Programme?

Please note that there won’t be any graded assignments for the LINC+ CPD Programme, there will be quizzes included in the Moodle lessons but there are no official grades/assessments.



Does my Manager need to nominate me for LINC+?

No, it will be up to the individual graduate to register themselves.


How many packages are there in the LINC+ Programme and how long will they take to complete?

Each continuing professional development package will contain 10 hours of content and participants will be able to progress at a pace that suits them. There will be six packages in total with 10 hours of content each (60 hours in total). Details of the the packages and aims of the ...


How will LINC+ be delivered?

LINC+ will be delivered 100% online via the Moodle platform. This is the same platform used to deliver the LINC Level 6 Programme so graduates will be familiar with how the platform operates.


Is there a cost to participate in the LINC+ Programme?

No. It is free of charge to participate in LINC+.


There are two LINC graduates in my setting can we both participate in LINC+?

Yes, LINC+ is open to all graduates of the LINC Programme regardless of their role within the setting.


What do I need to register for the LINC+ Programme?

Required registration details include: Name, Email Address, PPS Number, Year of Graduation, and Mobile Telephone Number.


What happens when I register for the LINC+ Programme?

Once you register successfully, you will receive a confirmation email outlining all the information submitted. If you notice any incorrect entries please email linccpd@mic.ul.ie and we will update the information provided. Registered participants will be notified by email when the first package is released and  informed of the steps required ...


What supports are available to participants when completing the LINC+ Programme?

Participants progress through the package by themselves, however they have tutor support available if needed. Tutor support is available through email, phone or posting to the discussion forum. In addition to this, participants have the opportunity to engage in a tutor facilitated community of practice.


When will the LINC+ Programme start?

The first package, Communities of Practice in Early Learning and Care, will be released for new registered participants in early 2022. Registered participants will receive information on how to access the content closer to the release date.


Who can register for the LINC+ Programme?

All graduates of the Level 6 Leadership for Inclusion in the Early Years (LINC) Programme (2016-2021) can register for LINC+. You do not need to be the Inclusion Coordinator in your setting to participate.