What IT knowledge is required to participate in this programme?

As the learning platform, Moodle, is web-based, you will need to be comfortable accessing the internet, sending an email, downloading and uploading a document, and posting to an online forum.  All learners will attend a comprehensive online orientation where full ICT instruction will be given.


Do I need access to a computer and the internet?

Yes.  You will need regular access to a computer—preferably a PC or laptop—and broadband internet service to access online module content, participate in online tasks, and to submit assignments.



Do I need experience in on-line learning?

Not necessarily. Providing your computer skills include internet, email, basic typing and some word processing, you should be able to navigate the online learning platform with ease. The online learning platform used for the LINC programme is Moodle, which is an intuitive and easy system to use.