How do I select a participant for the LINC programme?

Managers should carefully consider who they nominate for the LINC Programme, as only one application can be made per setting. Your applicant should be committed to your setting and be willing to take on a leadership role as Inclusion Co-Ordinator.


I am the Manager for the Setting, can I apply?

Yes, Managers of the setting can submit application for the LINC Programme, and their qualification should meet the minimum requirements to work in an Early Learning and Care (ELC) Setting.


If my setting has a current student, LINC Graduate or INCO can I submit an application for LINC 2023/2024?

Yes, settings can submit an application for the LINC Programme, if they have a current student, LINC Graduate or INCO. Random selection willy apply should the programme be oversubscribed. Please see our eligibility section for further details.


What happens if the INclusion COordinator leaves – can another staff member undertake the programme?

Yes. You can nominate another staff member to apply for the LINC Progarmme should your INCO leave when applications are open for 2023/2024.