How do I select a participant for the LINC programme?

You should carefully consider whom to nominate for the programme, as your setting will only be eligible for the additional capitation while there is a graduate Inclusion Coordinator in place. Your nominee should be committed to your setting and be willing to be appointed as Inclusion Coordinator, and to carry out the…

What happens if the graduate Inclusion Coordinator leaves – can another staff member undertake the programme?

Yes.  You can nominate another member of staff for the programme should your appointed Inclusion Coordinator or LINC graduate leave your setting.

Can I nominate an additional member of staff to undertake this training next year?

If your setting employs a graduate of the programme or a current student on this year’s programme, no, it will not be possible to nominate an additional staff member.  If you have an appointed Inclusion Coordinator/graduate of the programme and they have left your setting or are on long term leave, you can…

I do not have children with additional needs currently in my ECCE programme, can I still apply?

Yes, absolutely.  The LINC programme is designed to support the inclusion of children with additional needs through the development of the role of Inclusion Coordinator in all ECCE settings.
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