The LINC Programme was created by MIC / ECI / MU-Froebel as a response to a tender from the DCYA to provide a higher-education programme for Inclusion Coordinators (INCOs) for a contract period of 4 years.  LINC has been successful in reaching, so far, 63% of settings in Ireland, and has had over 4,000 applicants across the first three years of the programme. Next year (2019/20) will be the fourth and final year of this contract. The DCYA is currently examining options in relation to the future provision of training and support for INCOs.  No decision has yet been taken on the nature, scale or timing of this training and support.  Therefore ECCE pre-school settings that do not yet have a LINC graduate or a student currently on the LINC programme are therefore strongly advised to nominate a candidate for entry to the programme this September.