If you have any queries, please contact us at linc@mic.ul.ie

1. What do I need to apply?

You will need the following information in order to complete an application on behalf of your setting:

  • Setting details (Pobal reference number and contact information).
  • Applicant details (name, mobile number, home address, personal email address, PPS number, date of birth, previous UL/MIC Student ID Number if applicable, highest qualification and last education institute attended).
  • Full details of your applicant’s relevant qualification at Level 5 or above (name of educational institute; year started and completed; qualification level; award title).
  • A copy (scan/photo) of your applicant’s certificate.

You should be aware of our Data Protection and Data Collection Notice.

2. Who can apply?

  • Any setting with a pre-school room that is contracted for any DCEDIY Early Years Programme can nominate someone for LINC. The setting manager can nominate themselves or any member of the setting’s staff.
  • To be eligible for the programme, applicants must have the minimum qualifications to work in a setting.
  • Settings that already have a LINC student or graduate working in their setting can nominate another staff member to participate in LINC (only one applicant allowed per setting).
  • Random selection of eligible applicants will apply. Priority will be given to eligible applications in the following order:

    1. Settings that do not currently employ a LINC graduate /INCO/Current LINC Student.

    2. Settings that already employ a LINC graduate and have over 22 ECCE-aged children attending*.

    3. All other settings.

*As Registered with Pobal in September 2023

3. What happens next?

A confirmation email will be sent to both the applicant and setting upon successful submission of the application.  Please note that the confirmation email that is issued to the applicant will include all of the information that was submitted on the application so that they can review it, for completeness and accuracy.