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“The self-paced mode of learning was a huge advantage for me as it allowed me to complete the LINC+ CPD modules when my personal circumstances permitted. The content of the modules is superb, and they have been incredibly relevant to the needs and experiences of my workplace”.

- LINC+CPD Participant 2023

About LINC+ CPD Programme

The LINC+ CPD Programme was launched in March 2021. It was created to enable graduates of the LINC Programme to benefit from regular professional support and development, through additional training, networking and development of communities of practice.  The programme is fully-funded by the Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth and is delivered completely online.


The LINC+ CPD Programme is delivered online through Moodle which will be familiar to all graduates of the LINC Programme. It will be up to each individual to take it upon themselves to complete the Package content. Flexible learning is at the heart of LINC+ CPD and participants can engage with the Package at a time that suits them best. Similar to the LINC Programme, there is no fee to take part in the LINC+ CPD Programme.  Participants will receive a certificate of completion which they will be able to download once they complete each Package.


Registration for new applicants is currently closed.

CPD Package Content

The LINC+ CPD Programme consists of six packages, which are 10 hours in duration.  The first package, Communities of Practice in Early Learning and Care is the only package that all participants must complete. Once participants have completed this package they can choose what further packages they wish to engage with. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can register?

All graduates of the Level 6 Leadership for Inclusion in the Early Years (LINC) Programme (2016-2023) can register for the LINC+ CPD Programme. You do not need to be the Inclusion Coordinator in your setting to participate.


Does my manager need to nominate me for the LINC+ CPD Programme?

All graduates can self-register for the LINC+ CPD Programme.   


Is the Programme accredited?

For Year 1 of Core Funding, the LINC+ CPD Programme can be included by all Participants under option 5 of their Core Funding Quality Action Plan. While the programme is not accredited, participants will be able to download a certificate at the end of each completed package however these will not count towards a qualification on the National Framework of Qualifications.


There are two graduates of the LINC Programme in my setting, can we both register?

Yes. LINC+ CPD Programme is open to all graduates of the programme regardless of their role within the setting.


What do I need to register?

Required registration details include: Name, Email Address, PPS Number, Year of Graduation, Mobile Telephone Number and County of Residence. You should be aware of our Data Protection and Data Collection Notice.


How many packages are there in the LINC+ CPD Programme and how long will they take to complete?

There are six packages in total and each package contains 10 hours of content (60 hours in total). Participants are able to progress at a pace that suits them.


For a full list of frequently asked questions about LINC+ CPD Programme see the FAQ section on this website here.


Further Information

Queries in relation to the LINC+ Programme should be emailed to linccpd@mic.ul.ie. 



LINC + Rachael’s Experience

In this short video LINC Graduate and Inclusion Coordinator for Footpints Early Years Ltd, Racheal Govan, describes her experience of the first package of the LINC+ Programme.

Racheal talks about her LINC+ Experience
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