Will there be extra capitation for settings who register an INCO?

Yes, Early Years settings that register an Inclusion Coordinator (INCO) who has graduated from LINC will receive an extra €2 per week in capitation per ECCE-eligible child in a pre-school room, where the child is on an ECCE/CCSP/TEC programme. Subject to detailed operational guidelines, the increase applies from a) graduation ...


Is there a cost to apply to the LINC Programme?

No. The applicant’s place is fully funded from September to May by the DCEDIY. In addition all students will receive a €200.00 student bursary.


I currently have a Level 7/Level 8 qualification in Early Childhood Studies, how will the LINC Programme benefit my setting?

The LINC Programme provides students with the requisite skills and knowledge to lead an inclusive culture, practice and pedagogy within their setting. Throughout the programme, students are supported to develop their leadership skills and to cascade their learning from the programme with their colleagues.


Is there financial support available to LINC students?

All students who are fully engaging with the LINC Programme will receive a €200.00 bursary. Students are requested to provide their bank details on completion of their registration as a student with MIC in order for the bursary to be issued to their bank account.

A Student Assistance Fund (SAF) ...


LINC has now been recognised as having Lead Educator Status what does this mean for someone who has completed LINC?

As well as taking up the role of INclusion COordinator you also meet the requirements for Lead Educator status.


When will this bursary be paid?

The bursary will be issued to all students during the Academic Year.