The programme is based on a blended model of delivery, i.e. involving online learning and classroom sessions. As the majority of the study/collaborative work will take place online, each participant will only attend classroom sessions on 7 Saturdays over the year, from 10 am to 4 pm.  This includes a mandatory orientation at the start of the programme, which will provide an overview of the programme and allow for the setup of relevant IT accounts.

Participants will participate in online activities and discussions which will foster autonomous and collaborative learning:

  • Synchronous online sessions will involve participation in discussion fora requiring learners and tutors to be online at the same time. This element of learning enables participants to engage in discussions, ask questions and seek clarification in real time. The sessions will be scheduled on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evenings and participants will be allocated one time for the duration of the programme.  There will be some flexibility in the allocation of these sessions and learners’ availability will be surveyed and considered.
  • Asynchronous online learning is specifically designed to enable participants to log onto the online learning platform at any time, in a flexible manner, taking into account work, family and other commitments.