What will the coursework and assessments involve?

Each module will consist of 3 recorded lessons each week which students can listen to at any time, a weekly online tutorial, and one live webinar. In addition to this, there will also be an opportunity for students to attend two in person classroom sessions with their Tutor for the ...


What are the guidelines around applying for the Exemption

Once a candidate has accepted a place on the programme, details on how to apply for exemptions will be made available.  Exemptions may be sought for the following modules only: Child Development and Curriculum for Inclusion. Exemptions will be granted based on assessment of prior learning in these two specific areas ...


Must I be online at specific times during the week?

There will be a weekly live tutorial with your tutor, which will provide an opportunity to engage in live discussions with your tutor and other learners, and to ask questions and seek clarification in real time.


What is the duration of the LINC Programme?

The programme will run from September 2024 until May 2025. The 2024/25 programme comprises 6 modules delivered over two semesters: Autumn; Spring.



Can I be an INCO in my setting, if I have not completed the LINC Programme?

No, the LINC Programme is the only programme that qualifies the graduates to fulfill the role of INclusion COordinator. Only graduates of the LINC Programme will be eligible for the associated additional capitation of €2 per child on the ECCE scheme.


How will the course be delivered?

The programme is based on a flexible model of delivery addressing the learning requirements and needs of our students. For more see our Programme Overview page.


Is this programme necessary if I have already completed a programme on leading the inclusion of children with additional needs?

Yes. The LINC Programme is designed to enhance the inclusion of all children in Early Learning and Care settings through the development of the role of the Inclusion Coordinator. Only services with graduates from the LINC programme will be eligible for the associated additional capitation of €2 per child on ...


What modules can I apply for an exemption from?

Requests for exemptions will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Applicants with qualifications at level 6 and higher may seek exemptions from the Child Development and Curriculum for Inclusion modules, only. When applying for exemptions, applicants must demonstrate they have successfully met the learning outcomes for these modules.  It is mandatory for all participants on ...


Will there be an Orientation for the LINC Programme 2024/2025?

Orientation details for incoming 2024/2025 LINC Students will take place on the week of 10th September 2024. All details will be provided to incoming students in advance.


What does Special Purpose Award mean?

A Special Purpose Award is an award type developed for specific areas of learning that have a narrow scope.
All Special Purpose Awards comprise of one or more components. LINC is an example of a Special Purpose Awards as it pertains to the role of INclusion CoOrdinator. The modules ...