Requests for exemptions will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Applicants with qualifications at level 6 and higher may seek exemptions from the Child Development and Curriculum for Inclusion modules, only. When applying for exemptions, applicants must demonstrate they have successfully met the learning outcomes for these modules.  It is mandatory for all participants on the programme to complete the following modules: Inclusion in Early Years’ Settings: Concepts and Strategies; Promoting Collaborative Practice for Inclusion; Leadership for Inclusion; and the Portfolio Module.


Table 1. Summary of Programme
Module Title Credits Semester
Inclusion in Early Years Settings: Concepts and Strategies 12 Autumn
Child Development 6 Autumn
Promoting Collaborative Practice for Inclusion in Early Childhood Care and Education 12 Spring
Curriculum for Inclusion  6 Spring
Leadership for Inclusion 12 Summer
Portfolio Module 12  Summer